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We do NOT save Your Data on our Servers, Your Data is coded into QR code itself!

As Your Data is coded into QR itself, QR code can be read offline and stays the same all the time!

1. Select type of Data to be coded into QR

Plain text. Enter up to 3k alphanumerical symbols to be coded into QR code. QR scanners will return the unformated text You entered here.

Internet WEB-Link. Enter exact URL - with "http://" or "https://". QR scanners will offer to visit a Website that is accessable by URL You entered here.

vCard - Virtual Contact Card. Enter Data for the vCard. QR scanners will offer to save a new Contact on mobile device.

Email. Enter email. QR scanners will offer to write an email to a contact entered here.

Phone Number. Enter Phone Number. QR scanners will offer to call this phone number.

SMS. Enter Phone Number and SMS Text. QR scanners will offer to send an SMS You prepared.

WLAN Settings. Enter Settings for a WLAN Network. QR scanners will offer to connect to this Wi-Fi Network using settings You entered here.

Geolocation. Enter coordinates accordingly. QR scanners will offer to point a location on navigation apps.

Calendar Event. Enter calendar event data - type of the event, start and end dates with times. QR scanners will offer to add the calendar event into calendars used on the mobile device.

2. Scan the QR code and if it works - download it!

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ATTENTION! Free QR codes are generated using low correction level and 4 pixels for a sector

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