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Current Pricelist

File Hosting

Your file as a PDF or Image on our server

5 €/month per File

Per month per file
Billing starts from file upload, charged monthly in advance for each file uploaded. These files are the target for the QR code. They can be changed in the System.

Accessing the File via QR

Access your file via the generated QR code

0.001 €/visit

Per visit
A counter tracks the number of times the file is accessed via the Internet. The access path is encoded in the QR code. No other data, except for the fact of accessing the file, is collected.

Changing the File

To change your file as a PDF or Image on our server


Free of charge
You can always change the file within the System. The QR code remains the same, but your file can be swapped between formats - it doesn't matter whether it was a PDF or an Image!

Other Charges

Charges not stated here


No other charges
The above charges are all that may apply within the System. Extra functions are always being developed, so when they are available, they will be listed here!

(Possible) Future Functions...

Your Own Logo over the File

Your own logo overlaid on the hosted file

To Be Determined

Per month per file
Displaying your logo over the file shown to your customers could be an extra feature.


Pre-set scenarios for file access based on different geolocations

To Be Determined

Per month per file
Scenarios mean that your customers, depending on their geolocation, could access different files you host. For example - in New York, File No.1 is accessed, in London - File No. 2, but the QR code remains the same.

These prices are current. The pricelist is periodically revised. If prices change, registered users will be informed about the price change one calendar month in advance.
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